Sunday, February 22, 2009

Big 2-0!

~daughter Catherine came home from college on this past Friday night and as a proud parent, I was very happy to see her. She'd only been gone since mid-January but it seemed longer. Her college classes are going well she tells her mom and I, and her extra study is going well also. She has followed dear-old Dad and is pursuing to be an EMT, taking a class off-campus three nights a week. Unlike Dad though, she is taking it to see the health field from that level, as a possible career in health does interest her somewhat. She also just passed her CPR course last week. I had not thought about it till just this second but I am really proud of her for all of her efforts. Four major classes this semester in college plus the EMT. Not an easy load for anyone. I'm very proud of you Catherine. Keep up the good work.

Oh, I almost forgot. It is her BIRTHDAY today! She just jumped out of the teens at 9:27 this morning! She just called and said she got back to college just fine, making the normal four hour trip in about four and three-quarters. Not bad what with all this snow that's around here today and up through Albany and out towards Syracuse. No more birthdays for the Hotaling's for a bit, so you're all spared the cake pictures after today for a while. :)

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