Friday, February 20, 2009

Don't follow the leader!

~so I did this small delivery from the store last evening up to a customers home in the Lakeville-Salisbury area (yes, I do deliver, contrary to what some may think). It was right in the 5:45-6:30 time-frame when the snow was really "squalling". I drove right along going up as the roads were just wet, but by the time I was heading back to Sharon, they were covering with snow rather quickly. If you know anything about my driving, you know I tend to probably drive a wee bit faster than I should most of the time, be they dry roads or wet, but the brain does still work and it told me this was a night and this trip was one to slow down on, of which I did. Well, the point of my whole little story is to tell about the guy who went whizzing by me, heading towards Sharon. As he went zipping past and quickly out of sight in the thick snow that was falling, it made me think of this great Snoopy™ line. How it came to me at that moment, I am not sure, but it did and I am glad I didn't follow. I watched his tracks on the road go from this side to that side and back. I hope he got where he was heading to in one piece, without taking anyone else out in doing so. Last night was a night for me to lead....myself! And I did. I got home quite safely and glad that I did. Just might be a little message for all of us...... don't be afraid to Lead from time to time. You might just be glad you did.

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