Saturday, July 7, 2012

"Helenfest 2012"

     So, about this growing older stuff.......I am, at times, beginning to wonder if it's all worth it. I guess if you live long enough, and remain healthy, in a small community such as ours, to live a long time, does has a few benefits. You get recognized by people. You sometimes get more people to ask your opinion on things. You get to sleep in. And if you live long enough, you get to celebrate special birthdays. Today, C and I had the privilege to attend a party in honor of one of Sharon's own, who is celebrating a very special day in her life. Today, Helen Wike Humeston is celebrating her 90th birthday right at home, in White Hollow, where she celebrated her first, and tenth, her twenty-first, and every other one in-between, I do believe. To some, that may seem boring. To me, in this instance,  I think that is extremely cool!

     Helen's family put on a nice meal for well-wishers and visitors, having a nice tent, tables and chairs for comfort, had a fantastic slide-show with pictures from Helen's life set up in the hay mow of the barn, all at the lovely setting of their family farm in White Hollow. We couldn't get there till near the end unfortunately, so we missed the good Barlow beef, but dog-gone if they din't find another cake when we arrived, so I did my part and helped them out by eating a piece. Nice guy, huh?

shame to have to cut into it...

The young lady herself, sitting astride Wil Paley's old Indian..There was a picture in the slide show of her riding one as a youngster!

Still pretty-dang sharp for 90! Ya don't wanna mess..she'll tell you what side the bread is buttered on... :)

Helen's great-grand daughter. Ready for a ride!

     So it was a lovely, but brief visit to The Wike-Humeston Ranch today, but it was a great time! Helen is, and always has been, a good friend and it was fun to join in "her" day! I hope she has many more!! Happy Birthday Helen!

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