Thursday, July 5, 2012

Upper Main on a summer evening..1912 or 2012?

We had an errand to do downtown this evening, so after that mission we took the opportunity to go for a walk around the green, taking in sights that the only way you can see them is by taking the time to walk and enjoy.  I am so used to walking up on "the mountain" that this was a real pleasant change of scenery.

There was lots to see, but this lovely home on Upper Main caught my eye. I found it to be just perfectly picturesque on this gorgeous evening. (I am sure it's just as lovely in the day time!) I played with my Apple iPhoto ™software to throw in the silhouette framing which, after I looked at it a bit, made think this may have looked just like this one hundred years ago, minus a new light on either side of the door perhaps...

May I suggest....if you have the opportunity, go for walk this summer some evening around the green. Take your time, and enjoy the sights. I bet you'll be glad you did...

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