Friday, July 20, 2012


     So unless you are living in Arizona or some island off of the Florida coast, you know all about the storm that roared into parts of the northwest corner on Wednesday afternoon. Pouring, wind-driven rain, lightning galore, and perhaps some down-drafts or whatever the meteorologists call those storms that are almost tornado-like, but aren't....whatever, we had a doozey in Sharon on Wednesday.

     Thursday morning I had a meeting on Skiff Mountain so I got to see some of the damage that occurred down South Main up close. At the old Haskell/Simerall/somebody/somebody/Dore Estate on the corner of Herrick and South Main, they had one of their large maples snap and fall into its neighbor maple which then fell into its neighbor. Three in a row. Dominoes. Tough to see the old ones go. My Dad may have well planted these, or maybe his dad before him as they were caretakers for the Haskell Brothers long, long ago. Whatever, I kind of felt a small ouch as I drove past and saw that these old girls all have grown their last leaves.

     If you look closely you can see where a driveway used to be long ago. Funny, but I can remember it, and I was probably about five or six, so that is almost fifty-five years ago..... More proof that nothing lasts forever. Guess I'd better start dancing.

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