Thursday, July 19, 2012


Time out for a small "Rick" commentary. So far, I have been in Sharon for 58+ years, and in that time I have pretty much come to know, at one point or another, most everybody in our small town. Not everyone, by any means, but a good chunk. 88% are really good people and the other 12% I just haven't come to a conclusion as I probably don't know them at all.

Jump ahead. One of my first jobs was working part-time at the Sharon Package Store for Don Carberry. While I only worked for Don a short while (he sold it to Jack Murtagh) and I worked for Jack as well, after a bit. Don was the best. I developed a great admiration for him then. Thirty-eight years later, I still have one. Don is dad to my childhood classmate Pete, and dad to my neighbor Donna, who lives up the street just 3 doors.. Both are great people. Beth, Don's wife, was really great people. Sadly, she is no-longer here for us to enjoy, but her memories live on with all of us who knew her.

I told you all the above to tell you this one thing...... Getting a picture of Don is a hard thing now days, but I caught him today, as he stopped in for his "Lucky for Life ticket". Knowing Don, I consider that I have already won "Lucky for Life" money, just a great friend. 

"More facts and cracks from Don's almanac."

Thanks Cat for catching the door for him! Great timing!

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