Thursday, February 9, 2012

"You better watch out, you better drive right....

     Sharon has become bear country of late. Quite often of late we have been having police sightings in Sharon, and not just at xtramart™ for free coffee. Many times of late they are located in the driveway at Union Savings. I only comment because there are weeks, sometimes months, where we never see a police presence in Sharon.

      I hope that having them here proves to be a good thing regarding speeding vehicles through the retail area, meaning by the shopping center. It is my old gripe. Someday, some innocent person is going to get creamed pulling out of the plaza, or xtramart or the bank by some speeder, more than often coming from the north, heading south. Today, this officer was on the grass right by the school. I presume he was looking for speeders headed north, catching them as they crest over the hill. I wonder if they have gotten complaints and are reacting, or just acting on their own? Whatever, I see it as a good thing.

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