Friday, February 10, 2012

what in tar-nation........?

Not sure if you've been to Lakeville of late, but the newest of Hotchkiss's projects is really shaping up. What you see below is about one-half of the roof of the soon-to-be heating plant for the school. Construction of a new Biomass Facility, is slated to come on line for the 2012-13 heating season. The new facility will replace an outdated power plant. The facility will burn wood chips rather than petroleum to heat hot water for all the buildings on campus for heat and for hot water consumption.

Located just of Route 41, the roof of this new facility (which you see below) will be covered in sod and the building will supposedly hardly be noticeable. I am curious as to where the wood chips that the plant will operate on come from and, how much it will take to operate for an average day/week/month. May take a lot of tractor-trailor loads to operate, but am sure that it will be far better for the environment regardless than to be burning all that oil. Thank you Hotchkiss School for your efforts to do better. I also read where the school is buying almost 30% of their electricity from windmill farms. Again, thank you Hotchkiss. We ALL need to learn and follow your example. Maybe soon we'll see the MAC (Mar's Athletic Center) roof covered with solar collectors, and harnessing energy from the sun? Perhaps?

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