Saturday, February 4, 2012


~so tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday in America.  Not quite sure, but it sure has a lot of facts with it to ponder. 

  1. who will win, The Pat's or The G'nts?
  2. does it matter?
  3. which will be the most popular commercial?
  4. does it matter?
  5. Will four million a minute for advertising prove to be a worthwhile investment?
  6. does it matter?
  7. How many zillion bags of potato chips and the like (Frito's, Dorito's, etc) will be consumed?
  8. does it matter?
  9. being in the business, I wonder how many gallons of beer will be consumed nationwide from let's say noon tomorrow till midnight?
  10. does it matter?
  11. Will this be Tom Caughlin's last game as coach for The Giants?
  12. does it matter?
  13. I heard more than once that tomorrow is the most violent day in domestic abuse in America, due to stupid behavior by both husbands, wives, and partners.
  14. I pray that not to be true this year. That does matter.

So, who are you rooting for?  I am an old Giants fan,  from back in the 80's I guess.  So,  I guess I'll root for them. Go Blue!

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