Saturday, July 2, 2011


Today there were numerous things going on, what with the holiday weekend and all, but there was something very special that won out for me as the biggest event of the weekend. Celebrating fifty years in business today and tomorrow are the Heacox Family, who own the Sharon Pharmacy. Unfortunately we lost Ed, the father and founder last year, but there to celebrate today were the four brothers, Ed, Joe, Dave and Chris and their families. Also along was their sister Karen and her husband. Kathy, Mrs. Heacox, wife and co-founder, has had some health matters a while back but is doing great now and is at home.

Fifty years is such an amazing feat! And in the same location, except for an expansion which occurred many years back now that pretty much doubled the original size of their store. I salute Ed and Kathy for their dream, bringing it to its reality, and for the family being able to maintain it all these years. Tremendous. Congratulations. Job well done and continued success to you!

For what it's worth, in my humble opinion, Dave is the most like his dad in looks and mannerisms. Today he wore a seer-sucker jacket, as his dad would have done. A really very nice celebration today was. It was great to see so many folks turn out and pay tribute to them as well. Keep up the great work guys! Hope to see you again in ten years!

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