Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I dislike not doing my blog, but my cord is still not in (??),thus no photos, thus no blog. Vacation is coming soon too, so hopefully you won't all give up on me completely, and just check back in mid-August. By then, hopefully we should be back to some sort of normalcy. If the cord doesn't fix the problem, the camera will have to be sent out for repairs......sigh........remember when we had Instamatic's, flashcubes, and you took you film to the pharmacy?

You all take care.



  1. i will stick with you, have a great vacation!
    love your blog

  2. Rick, can't you take photos with your phone? I know it wouldn't be up to your usual standards, but it would be better than nothing, no?

  3. OK, I still buy the throw-away instant cameras from a drugstore to take photos of our community garden and I have a better manual camera for professional shots. Still don't have a digital camera and my business depends on photos!

  4. Looking forward to new photos. There will certainly be alot to catch up with when you get it back, won't there ?!