Saturday, May 28, 2011

With great respect..

    We all have childhood memories, of which some are great, some not-so-great, and others, well, just plain painful. Last week, while attending my daughters graduation from college, one which I hadn't thought of in years came back and it brought back a wave of emotions.
     At some point during our weekend away we went to Walmart for a product we were in need of. Out front was a gentleman and a lady, both "seniors" but not too old and they were raising funds for the Disabled American Vets. What I remembered as paper poppy's aren't made of paper any longer, but they just took me back to my dad who would always get one once a year and hang it on the mirror in our car. Sometimes there would be three or four or more hanging, which means you at least had that car for that many years (they only sold them once a year in Sharon, at this very time of year). I distinctly remember Mrs. Freundenberg and both Mrs. Gobillott's, and I think Mrs. Paley as well always doing their part here in Sharon. Oh, and Bullet Bess too, from the pharmacy.
     I reached in my pocket, pulled out a five spot and took one with great pleasure from the gentleman. He thanked me and I thanked him. What he was doing was far more important than what I did to earn that money. I took the poppy, and in a automatic rote, I secured it to the mirror in my truck. I was actually anxious to do so. I felt really good all over for doing so. I will look at it each and every day now, and think about what all those D.A.V.'s did for me, to help secure our nations freedom and help secure our way of life. With Memorial Day just about twenty-five hours away now, I am just thankful for our freedom and know that it is not, by any means, free.
     I know the leader of the local Legion Post reads my blog quite often. Here is my pledge to him. You get me some of those poppy's next year, and I'll make sure the D.A.V. gets some financial support, though my friends, family and customers. Write it down. And I'll get a few on some mirrors, like I remember as a kid. And perhaps some kid of today will have good memory to share with their children years from now.

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