Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sharon Tree Nursery

     Slide in the soapbox. Climb up on it. Take a deep breath. Make your statement.
     I, for one, don't particularly care for the way so many trees have been planted in the town green. Trees in the past were around the outside edges. They are there now. Plus down the middle. And over here. And over there. In the town center, and down on South Main. Too much in my humble. Not complaining. Just expressing my opinion.

     But with that said, have you seen these two trees in front of the clinic/library? Amazing right now! Go see them. My camera can't do justice....

1 comment:

  1. I agree.

    With the new trees planted here and there over the Green, we've lost the historic look of the center of Town.

    Turn-of-the-century pictures show just two lines of trees (elms). There was a clear view north from in front of the Library all the way to the King House...Try that now.