Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Vane is back...and its all new!

Today was a real celebration for members of the Sharon Congregational Church and history buffs as well as the new fish vane was positioned 108' up on top of the steeple. It was constructed as a copy of the original by Will Trowbridge of Sharon. Many man-hours went into crafting this, and Mrs. Bhumgara of Sharon applied gold leaf to add to its beauty. A crane from Torrington, capable of reaching 165' vertical provided the needed lift bright and early this morning. This sight drew lots of on-lookers and succeeded in slowing workers going to work. The weather was co-operative and we had no rain, yet within a hour after finishing, it was pouring.

The fish was installed by Will and his assistant John Haas from Amenia. Because of its location (108' up), Will took tools and parts up with him, and did some final work while installing in place. Mounting pins had to be shaped and ground with portable tools and holes had to be drilled-out. This fish may not be touched by human hands again for 100 years or more, so the men took about 90 minutes to complete the installation. With the newly mounted lights lighting the exterior of the steeple, the church certainly has taken on a new image on Main Street. Congratulations go out to the members of the church for maintaining the beauty and the history of this fine piece of history at 25 Main Street in Sharon.

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