Sunday, March 24, 2013


I used to wander with my camera all over town, and well, I collected a lot of pictures. Problem is, I grew bored with it. I tried to let it rest, and then go back, and it worked once or twice, but, it really seems dead now. I just can't get warmed to the idea. Taking pic's is easy. It's the making it interesting part. Ain't happening.


maybe I am meant to write now. My wife always says I write well. I have to laugh.....Seriously. If you knew me long, that is really so not me from school days. It is something that has gradually worked its way into me. Very slowly. Think it started with my Dad's Memorial Service. I had some stuff to say, and writing gave me the time to say it....with some thought, and order.

So...maybe I'll write for a bit.

I went to church this morning. Sharon Congregational. It felt good to be there. I have a bunch of close friends in my church family. They were all interested in my bandage on my hand. I had surgery on Friday. I had some growth removed from my left pinkie. So far, I'm feeling pretty good. I go to the doc tomorrow a.m. @ 10:10. Who sets an appointment for 10:10? Really? I'll be there. Hope he removes all of this club on my left hand. You should see me type. It really is pretty funny...lookin.... My daughter cringes when she sees me type. Sorry Cat. It's me.

Listening to Jack Johnson on Pandora while I type. I like his style. Clare is sewing costumes for the Good Friday service at St. Bernard's. She is down cellar. We have a room that wears different hats down there. Now it's the sewing room. At Christmas, it's the wrapping room. What comes next? dunno.

Writing can be fun. Not 2 sure it may read fun. I'll have to try again. get rid of this club, and it will go better....I hope.

Hi to Bob in Chesapeak and Charlie, somewhere in Texas. Hope you both are well.

I'll be taking to ya.



  1. Glad to see you back. I missed you daily!!!

    1. we'll see how it goes Bob. No promises. :)