Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Eve... 2013

What's your favorite Easter memory? Coloring eggs? Cadbury cream eggs? Easter egg hunts? An Easter vacation to some sunny island retreat?

I have been thinking about this question off and on for the last few days and one memory keeps coming back. A sunrise service with Clare up on East Street, then down to my Mom and Dads on Lovers Lane. While Mom was getting up for the day, we took a camera and walked down Lovers Lane and at the foot of the hill we walked in on the path and took pictures of water coming over the rocks at Sharon Falls. There was still some cool icicles, (as it was still cold evenings) hanging along the edges and the sun was now shining down the brook and the views were just so special. In my minds eye, I can still see the beauty all these years later.

Following some fun times which included getting my feet wet as I recall, we walked back up to Mom and Dads, enjoyed a great breakfast, including drinking orange juice from her tiny green glasses. Tomorrow, Clare, Cat and I will continue that tradition and enjoy juice and raise a toast to Mom and Dad.

We hope your Easter is filled with special memories this year.

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