Monday, March 25, 2013

~....UConn Lady Basketball, is up 45-24 with 15 to go against Vanderbilt. Keep em' marching Geno... ! I know he smiles all the way to bank, but it must be tough, to some degree, being the coach he is. Connecticut has no "professional" team to root for, but we do have UConn sports. Not sure what the population of Connecticut is but there are days when 9/10 of it is expressing their "expert opinion" on  how well he or the men's coach (Kevin Ollie) is doing, or did the previous evening........

Had my big dressing and splint removed today from my left hand. The finger looked good. I was feeling psyched. Then the doctor said he cut my tendon (on purpose) to do the repair, so I have to wear a splint for two more weeks. Dang.  I'll put up a picture at the end. Dang. But it's gonna be okay. This to shall pass.'s 61-34 now, with 9:41 to go now.  You know, people in our neck of the woods are really nice. So many asked about my splint today, and sent good wishes. Nice folks..caring. Another reason (like we need one) to appreciate living here....

I heard from Bob in Virginia this morning, who wished me well with my "new blog filler". I wonder if he was laughing, or serious? He a career airman. I am sure he was serious. Thanks Bob... FLASH!!  Oh, what a pass! Five to go, and it's 71-38, UConn.

You don't realize reading this how long it is taking me to type this. My splint keeps hitting wrong keys, causing mistakes, leading to correcTIONS....
....if you know Jenny or Fred, please don't show this blog to them. They are so smart about grammar and such...they'll let me have it both barrels for sure! :) Final Score...77-44 UConn goes to The Sweet 16! What a surprise! Go Geno go.

Tomorrow will be a long day. Orders are coming in, and I'm on by myself till 2. One thing at a time Rick. One thing at a time.

We'll be talkin' to ya.

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