Sunday, October 28, 2012


       I went and picked up the generator on Saturday morning, as it had been away at the repairman's shop, getting fresh oil, a plug change and a complete go-over. I stopped and filled my five gallon can with fresh gas, plus the five gallons the generator tank holds on the way home. Today, Sunday, I slid in-between gas lines in Sharon to fill up three more more old jugs I keep around just for times like these. They hold another eight gallons or so. With all this, I think I have enough for two and maybe a half days of generator use, should the need arise. The forecast is looking for lots of wind beginning tonight (Sunday) through Tuesday. Here's hoping that all the tree trimming the companies have been doing this last last year help prevent long, wide-spread outages in our area. Watching the Weather Channel™ makes me glad I don't reside on a low coastline town this time around. I hope area residents there follow the experts advice and get out while they can.

Line-up next to the barn, where the wind shouldn't hit..

Gas Sharon no less...

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