Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lobster Shack...Closed for the season

As I stated the other day, we made it to Maine for the weekend. Per usual, we visited Bailey Island. One of the businesses that is known or famous there is Cook's Lobster House. They have at Cook's a large main building, which is followed by a short stretch of a peninsula that has this neat little shack on the tip. In the summer, they set up a small tent next to it, and if a group should want to have an outdoor experience of a clam bake or lobster bake, they do it here. The tent, and the crowds are gone, and the cooking is now inside for the winter. But the colors of the shed....it's shining brightly on this late fall afternoon...on the left, in the back, you can see the worlds only cribstone bridge in the background.

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