Friday, November 2, 2012

Five days does not make a week.

My last posting in my blog, Sunday I believe it was, was waiting for our big storm. Five days later it has come and gone. Lives have been changed forever. Landscapes have been changed forever. Lives have been lost. Miracles have happened. So much work has been done already, and so, so much more is yet to do. There will still be more storm-related deaths. The dollar losses are, well, just way higher than I can count. And they will climb for months to come.

But we Americans are a resilient group. It seems as though the worst brings out the best oft-times. It had better be to continue to do that now, for we surely need it. I just read where a fund-raising event for Connecticut is going on right now, and they are hoping to raise twenty thousand dollars. A lot of money, for-sure. But just a drop in the big bucket that it will take to return life pre-Sandi in Connecticut. Honestly, is it at this point in time even possible to think we will ever get to that point? For some, nothing can replace their losses, or fill their voids. But, we will strive to do so. We are Americans. It's what we do.

This was the scene just up from my home on Sunday. It didn't last long.

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