Thursday, October 25, 2012

from inventive minds comes....

     In this day of computers, laptops, cellphones, iPads, Blackberry's, etc, etc, etc, it seems, at times there is no time for good, old-fashioned play. Everyone has to have "technology" to occupy their time. Well, I know one family where there is exceptions to this "rule" the world seems to have developed (maybe its just the U.S). 

     Meet my man Holden. This guy is, so it seems, is always coming up with something. Sure, he has his tech stuff too, but he just seems to come-up with fun stuff too. I stopped by to visit his parents one night a while back, and his mom said..."check this out.....a new approach to skateboarding"...

     Now, is that a look of determination or what? Hand-powered, stabilizer/brakes, all-in-one! He went easily a hundred yards or more while I was there watching....   :)

     I haven't been back to see if Holden and his dad have built a longer and wider skateboard, better suited for belly-boardin'!

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