Saturday, September 15, 2012 it took a little while...

     I moved into my house about twenty-four years ago. Today I emptied all the brooms and dustpans, posters and white board, extra stock on facial tissue and paper towel and cat food to the cellar below, and went to work making the stairwell from the first floor to the cellar presentable. I say presentable as I am but an amateur at spreading joint compound and making walls look real nice is not exactly one of my strengths. I did a bunch of carpentry too, putting in some sheetrock and "trimming out" the end of the walls with pine and trying to make it look like something. I have a table saw down cellar that  I used to rip lots of old pieces of #2 pine to help clean things up. I had a two gallon pail of joint compound that was about half-full when I started, and its now empty.  I started at around 3, and I just stopped at 9:45! (so I'm not fast either!)

     But you know what? It's coming, if I do say so. Find some more joint compound and get second coat on tomorrow, and I should be ready to maybe sand on Monday night. Couple coats of priming, and a couple of finish, and then paint the stairs and I should be in good shape! Oh..gotta do some kind of baseboard for the landing yet...almost forgot.

     I must was kinda fun, doing all the wood work and thinking that we can get this project off the list. Colors you ask? Thinking a colonial light yellow, with some light grey stairs.

Oh.... If anyone who is good at spreading joint compound has a desire to come help me out.....come on up! All help gratefully accepted!

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