Thursday, September 13, 2012

Slim pickin's (or should I say cuttings?)

 As we all know, there are a still a few working farms in the area, and of the ones that are left, there is one quite large, in terms of the number of head that they milk each day. That farm would be the Jacquier Farm, up in East Canaan.

 In order to keep all those girls fed, The Jacquier's acquire silage from all over our seven town area, and also from a number of towns in New York State as well. If you go back into last year in my blog, you can see them loading trucks and drawing from the old Austin Jackson land on Jackson Hill Road. On this particular morning, I found where they had laid down their last cutting (3rd?) farther up here on the hill, at the corner of Fairchild and Lucas. If my memory serves me correctly, this was not cut when I came home at night, yet done when I left for work early in the morning. They're working while we are sleeping!

 So, not much here, but every bite counts when it comes to feeding probably close to two thousand head ( I honestly don't know how many they have currently, but I do remember a few years back them saying they were at 1400 or so.) Not a lot compared to out west, but by far the largest in our immediate area. Good thing there are enough tracts of open land left so they can acquire what they need to meet their needs...

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