Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sharon Crop Walk leading fund-raiser..

In Sharon , we are blessed to have many great people, who come from all walks of life, and do their part to help our small community in so many different ways. Pictured here today is Dorothy McWilliams, a super active member of St. Bernard's RC Church here in Sharon. One of the many things that Dorothy does is raise funds each year for her sponsorship of her walking in the annual Crop Walk. This year, as in years past, she sets up her little card table in front of the pharmacy, and quietly sits with her sign-up sheet and some signs which speak of stopping world hunger. She is not aggressive in any way when it comes to the seeking donations. She just sits quietly, and is ready to talk with anyone who approaches and may ask a question. She has been here but a week or so, and only comes for an hour here, an hour or two there. Thus far, she has amassed just over one thousand dollars to add to the totals from northwest Connecticut. I challenged her yesterday to get to a thousand dollars, and said she could go home early if she did. At the time she had around eight hundred or so. Today, by 2 pm she had gone over a thousand dollars! I told her to go home, and take the rest of the day off. She replied, 'maybe later"......

Well done Dorothy. You truly are a blessing to your community, and in your own quiet way, you SHOUT to what is really important in your life. Helping feed the needy, as Jesus would do. Keep it up. I think I need to challenge you to raise one thousand, five hundred....!   :)

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