Friday, June 1, 2012

Sharon Band and more...

Each year, the Sharon Center School Band plays a song at the Memorial Day Service. Bless their kind hearts, they are all youngsters, and sometimes, well, let's just say, you know, they are very youthful and their inexperience will show. Not this year! Myself, and everyone else was extremely impressed by their sound. They were great! Congratulations to them and a big WELL  DONE!

Mr. & Mrs. Clark..I am guessing, but I would think he was perhaps a member of the  Royal Air Force?

True love never quits.....

Hots dogs are for young fellers......
and for the good Doctor as well!

This post ends my coverage of the Memorial Day Events in Sharon Connecticut , in the year 2012. I do hope you enjoyed the pic's from the last few days, and that maybe it gave you a bit of a feel for our fine , little town.

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