Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"God is great. Beer is good, and people are crazy"

Today's title, if you didn't know, are lyrics to a popular song on country radio today. It's been a crazy couple of weeks since Memorial Day weekend for me, both in my own life with some health issues, business issues, and just a bunch of stuff it seems. I was thinking people are crazy on multiple occasions. 

 Now in my picture below, meet Erin if you haven't. Erin is the bird aficionado at The Sharon Audubon Center. More than likely you've run into her someplace local showing off an owl or a hawk or releasing an eagle or something. If birds are involved locally, she's probably nearby. The other day she walked into my store with a parrot. "Careful she says as I walk towards her....he doesn't like men!" I froze. She then went on to tell me that this bird is an old bird, and someone just threw it away....Threw it away!!!  I forget where she got it, but she told me she thought that it might have been from a couple who argued a lot, because it (the bird) didn't say nice things about a male of a certain name. Whoa! Parrots talk! Kinda makes you mind wander a bit, no? She said she couldn't take him out in public very often because, well, you never know just what he might say!

My point tied to the blog theme for today? People are crazy. The week I had at times had me thinking it, and well, this gave me a bit more of a confirmation. Hopefully, Erin gets the old guy retrained. Can you teach and old parrot new words? 

Hope you all have a good rest of the week.

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