Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Memorial Day 2012 was a day I shall not soon forget. It will take me probably a week, perhaps more, to put up the posts which are coming to mind. Please...everyone. I have much to share in the coming days, so please stay with the blog daily for the next week, if not longer, to see our day in Sharon. I hope to tell a different story thru pictures and thoughts.

 It was a gorgeous day weather-wise in the northeast, or at least in Connecticut. We started with decorating my Dad's old firetruck out in all of his festive American flags (11), loaded on my immediate family of wife Clare, son Andrew( home for the weekend from D.C.), daughter Catherine, their cousin Molly (up from Staten Island for the weekend) and Cat's college friend Stacy (from upstate N.Y., but now Stratford, Ct.), who also spent the weekend with us. Oh, and the big bucket of throw-out candy for the parade watching-kids. I said my prayers that Ol' Besse would start again (phew,thankfully she did) and off we went to town. My pic today is of the color guard and firing team from the Legion Post here in Sharon, immediately after their dedicating a bouquet of flowers to those sailors who have given their lives in service to our countries history.

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  1. Robert Olson
    2:12 AM (5 hours ago)

    Rick, Thanks for this. It’s a meaningful day for me, with 36 years Federal Service. Best regards. ‘Hope your back is better. Bob.