Tuesday, March 22, 2011


 A new blog friend, whom I have never met (but hope to), currently lives in Cornwall, Connecticut. She is a Pastor in the UCC and is getting her first church assignment (beginning next month I think) out east, south of Boston. She has a blog, (http://www.thestrengthoffaith.com/) which I stumbled onto last year one cold winter day while at work. I got there I think looking for blogs or photos in northwest Connecticut. What I enjoyed about it then, and now, is her photography. If I have read it correctly, she is pretty much a self-taught photographer. She must always have her camera with her, because she always has some amazing shots, from nature, to family, weather results and all kinds of activities, and just a ton on FOOD! And some of those just make me want to not look at her blog, because I know I'll only get hungry in a heartbeat!

Okay, with all that said, I never got a shot of anything worth commenting on today (it was cold and grey, snore...), so I am going to do a Reverend Sarah. I am putting up a shot of supper one night last week, when Cat was home for spring break and wanted a special request dinner. Baked chicken, mashed potatoes, stuffing, squash and cranberry sauce. And a little glass of white wine to accompany. Delicious. Oops, forgot...had a little gravy too!


  1. That looks delicious! Now I'm in the mood for a big turkey dinner ...

  2. Nice I will be right over, LOL..