Thursday, March 31, 2011

A dinner EVERYONE should support!

There are certain things that, to me, everyone in Sharon should make an attempt to support. There are the monthly pancake breakfasts at the firehouse, which benefit the Ambulance Squad. There is the annual book sale at the library the first Saturday in August. And of course the crafts fair (formerly known as the Clothesline Show), also held the same day. Well, this Saturday, the second of April, is another event I really believe everyone should rally around and support. It's time for the annual 8th Grade Spaghetti Supper, held in the Sharon School cafeteria. The kids use it as a major fund raising event to help sponsor their annual class trip. Having no students there for some time now, I am not sure where they are off to this year. Maybe Washington, D.C., or Hershey and Gettysburg. Boston perhaps? Wherever, the food is usually pretty tasty, the desserts are home made, the students are the waiters and waitresses and do quite a good job normally. And did I mention the raffle? They usually have a slew of great prizes, and it's almost like everyone goes home with something (sometimes). 

So, if you can, please join in to support our kids. Even if you just stop in and throw a $5 in the raffle basket. Please, support the SCS 8th Grade!

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