Thursday, May 27, 2010

Groundwork was laid....

I attended a very well attended meeting on Thursday evening in The Chapin Room at Town Hall. Those in attendance heard results from the economic survey which was completed here in town, with Chairperson Lynn Humeston supplying the remarkable results. The then probably forty-some people broke into groups and more economic discussion was held. We met back up some 30 minutes later and shared thoughts from the two major groups. It was pretty much agreed by everyone there the Economic Study Group should continue, expand and just see where it all leads. Six people stepped up to the challenge and the next step will be coming for them soon.

Positive Economic Activity in Sharon. I never thought I would live to see the day.

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  1. Always thought the phrase "Positive Economic Activity in Sharon" was an oxymoron, Rick. I hope this group's efforts bear some fruit. Best of luck.