Monday, May 20, 2013

Trade Secrets

Each year, for the past, oh, I don't know....five or six, perhaps longer...there has been an amazing fundraiser held in Sharon called Trade Secrets. I am not an expert on the event, but what I think I know to be correct is that garden specialists of all types, from small retail to bigger firms who do extraordinary work all come together for one help raise money for the local organization, Women Support Services, located with their office in Sharon (my aunt and uncles old house), from which they serve the whole northwest corner I do believe...

At the event are vendors from as far as Pennsylvania and as close as Sharon and Lakeville. Held at Lionrock Fram (the former Haisdan Farm), at the top of Hosier Road in Sharon is the location for this event. Big name folks are there, from Bunny Williams to Martha Stewart, and a whole bunch more. It is an opportunity for folks to see so many great ideas all in one location. The host, Elaine LaRoche, is to be commended for transforming her home and grounds into this magnificent event. Set-up is Friday, the event is Saturday, and on Sunday there is a tour of local private gardens in the area who open up to let folks see what they have going on..........pretty neat stuff I am sure.

I was involved with supplying some refreshments from my business for the exhibitors to enjoy at the dinner on Friday night following set-up. They allowed me to wander around and snap a few shots. Perhaps next year I shall invest in a ticket and really take in the weekend events. I hope that many of my followers do as well!

Personal note: When I was 15, I worked every free moment I had on this farm....all summer, seven days a week, weekends all fall, winter weekends as well and spring too.... I learned more about life in that was one of the absolute best years of my life. My boss was Gaylord Prindle, the then farm manager for Dana Creel, who owned Haisdan Farm. I look back with so many, many great memories....It was fun to visit again.I need to go up and introduce myself and see if the present day owner will let me wander around, and revisit where I spent so much time one year. I actually worked there again later, for Paul Prindle, Gaylord's son, for a year when I was something like in different ways, but not the same as with old Gail........"don't tell Jo".... :)

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