Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Stacked Kitchen

Last month, a new owner by the name of Kevin Cotton took over what was most recently The Black Goose in Sharon at the plaza, and has since opened The Stacked Kitchen. It's been a bit of a revolving door there the last few years but something tells me that the door is done turning for some time to come. Kevin is a young family man who is a hands-on man, from the front door stencil to decorating the inside, prepping the kitchen and doing  pretty much all of the cooking. Consistency. Quite Impressive. 

Thus far, he is doing extremely well in my opinion. There always seems to be people there, the comments are great, the pricing is geared for both the working man and for those who don't worry what they spend on lunch or supper. 

Open Tuesday 6-4, Wednesday,  Thursday, Friday and Saturday 6-9 and Sunday 6-4 with a brunch menu offering as well.....And on Monday's? Hopefully Kevin rests, and plays with his kids! I wish Kevin and his wife Ashley, and the whole family much success!

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