Saturday, May 9, 2009

on reflection....

~ if you've been following along for the last few days, you know I spent a recent couple of mornings over at Fred Roy's swamp, checking out the beauty of nature. Friday evening, apparently some of the ugliness of nature happened at the town meeting here in Sharon at the town hall. I wasn't there, so some will say I shouldn't comment. This time, I'll follow their advice. I'll only say my hope is that politics doesn't get in the way of friendships here in our small town. There are so few of us here, whom really make up the "town" we love and call home. We certainly don't need a rif between friends over politics......... And I sure hope those whom may have had an agenda per se, that they leave it elsewhere the next meeting. Come with an open mind. Gain more knowledge. Make a educated decision, for the good of us all.

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