Monday, May 4, 2009

on having a best friend....

Jeannine Atkins I think, was, (next to Ed-her husband) Pat Cook's very best friend. Many years ago they met and worked together in Region One. Much time has gone bye and their lives took different paths, but their friendship only strengthened through time. Any time we were ever in Pat's company, Jeannine was always a part of the mix (though never there in body). How cool to have a best friend that they are always there with you, right in your shirt pocket so-to-speak? Jeannine, as I came to know her through Pat, was a remarkable friend to Pat. She and her husband Peter shared much with Pat and Ed. Dinners, trips, functions, work, play, laughs and tears. Jeannine was always there for Pat. She was there with camera in hand this past winter to celebrate Pat's 57th  on a sleigh ride in Lenox. How cool is that! I saw this photo at Pat's last week and it so shows, to me, who Pat was. Her beauty, style, thoughtfulness, the grace, the love for life and for her friends....I can see it all. I asked Jeannine if I could get a copy and she sent it today. Jeannine also has her own blog, and I just perused it and found a clip she did about Pat a few weeks back. Check it out. Incredible insight.

Thank you Jeannine for all that you, and Peter, have done. You truly were to her, what we all want in life. A real, best friend.

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  1. I am so honored by your words.
    Which, of course, made me cry.
    Thank you.